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Matador is the title of a powerful group of combat shotguns in Borderlands with an increased number of projectiles fired per blast, offering these weapons a very high damage potential if all twelve pellets hit. Matadors balance this out by having a relatively inaccurate blast cone making ranged combat all but ineffective beyond medium-close range. Matadors also typically suffer from recoil further expanding the spread, but this isn't really much of an issue considering the typically low to medium-low rate of fire with all combat shotguns.

Matadors are extremely effective against Spiderants, Skags, Psychos, and all manner of Zombie. Rakk can be also be counted as viable targets, but care should be taken to rake a flock as its bunched up when on the approach to attack.

Examples are on the talk page.


  • Matador shotguns are named after the traditional title of Spanish bullfighters. This is probably because, like the real life athlete, characters have to be dangerously close to an opponent to be most effective with the weapon.


Matador effect is granted by the Title_HighSpread2_Matador Title, and is given to shotguns whose accuracy is lower than 33.3%, and rarity higher than 6. The effect adds 3 pellets, as well as increases fire rate by 25%. Shotguns that have low accuracy, but not enough rarity for Matador are granted the Scattergun title.

Because the effect comes from the title, it is impossible to find unique/legendary Matadors. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Title_HighSpread1_Scattergun Title_HighSpread2_Matador
Projectile Count: +30% (+2) Projectile Count: +35% (+3)
Fire Rate: +25%