Master McCloud is a high ranking officer in the Crimson Lance. He is encountered at the end of a hidden passage used to infiltrate the Crimson Fastness and is known to carry an Eridian Cannon.


Master McCloud sees himself as a star-hopping, interplanetary hero. Given half a chance, he will regale anyone with tales of his many exploits. This probably explains why he has been stationed on a remote dustball like Pandora, as far from the Atlas HQ as humanly possible.


Master McCloud is accompanied by two heavily-armored Lance Royal Guards. Together, the three of them can present a formidable encounter, although the various crates in the room provide ample cover to avoid most of their attacks. Alternatively, moving quickly around the perimeter of the room can help with avoiding enemy fire. As with other Crimson Lance, Corrosive weapons are a very effective damage source in taking the trio down.

It is sometimes possible to completely avoid combat with McCloud by keeping to the extreme back of the room just after entering. The two guards will react when fired upon, however McCloud himself may remain in position, oblivious to the incoming fire. Using this tactic, it is best to kill McCloud quickly before the other pair close to a more effective firing range. Otherwise, it is advisable to kill the guards as McCloud will pose less of a threat with his slow-firing cannon.

Be sure to dodge shots from his Eridian Cannon as much as possible. The powerful, but slow, blasts from the weapon can make short work of characters caught in them.


  • Master McCloud can also deploy a Scorpio Turret.
  • Master McCloud will drop his Eridian Cannon when he is killed. On Playthrough 2, he will drop a level 48 Eridian Cannon.
  • The Crimson Fastness is unlocked with The Backdoor upon collecting the vault piece from Baron Flynt in Playthrough 2 at the same time, so it is possible to skip McCloud all together just by teleporting to the Crimson Fastness instead of fighting him in the Backdoor.


  • Master McCloud's name may be a reference to Fox McCloud of Nintendo's Star Fox series. Both Fox McCloud and MAster McCloud fire energy based weapons, and are part of a military.
  • In the Dead Haven zone of the first DLC, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Master McCloud's body is propped against the northwestern door, from which the player would normally enter Old Haven.

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