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Master Gee The Invincible is a raid boss exclusive to Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. He is encountered during the last part of the DLC. Entering his fighting area costs 8 Eridiums.



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  • Master Gee's dialogue are voice-modulated versions of lines spoken by Buzzard pilots.
  • Master Gee wields a differently textured Ahab, aptly named the ERROR MESSAGE. It cannot be obtained through legitimate means.
    • During the battle with Master Gee, the launcher spawns with a randomized stock which affects its missile speed, fire rate and other factors. This can be seen before the fight begins where he is standing still before attacking him.
  • The challenge for defeating Master Gee, Master Worm Food, is glitched and for many players will not progress at all. This is due to the area of detection for Master Gee's death within the arena[citation needed]; glitch may also be attributed to Master Gee's observed random disappearances from the arena if players stray too far from him.[citation needed]
  • Master Gee has a chance to drop the following items in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.