Massacre is the title of a group of support machine guns. They have high Accuracy (91.3+), and increased recoil reduction.

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Usage & Description

The Massacres are type of long range specialized Support Machine Gun. Their combination of high Accuracy, and increased recoil reduction allows them to deliver targeted firepower over long ranges. They excel at combination critical/body shooting: When targeting an enemy's neck (for example), a good deal of the projectiles will score critical hits, but the rest will still connect with body shots. When equipped with a scope, it can even pick off targets that would otherwise be taken out with a Sniper Rifle.

The Massacre Title has lower priority than Havoc, so it is not possible to find Massacres with a Fire Rate higher than 10.0.


  • Torgue and Vladof are unable to manufacture Massacres. Their best Support Machine Guns have an accuracy of 88.3 and 88.5 respectively.

See also

  • Draco: A legendary Support Machine Gun manufactured by S&S Munitions will appear titled as a (usually) purple-rarity Massacre, instead of an orange-titled Draco, due to a bug.


Massacre is a Title (Accuracy1_Massacre) bestowed upon Support Machine Guns with high accuracy. It provides increased recoil reduction.

Recoil: -40%
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