For the weapon in Borderlands, see Masher.

Masher is a prefix given to common pistols or Assault Rifles manufactured by Jakobs in Borderlands 3.

Usage & Description

Unlike previous games, Mashers are a prefix given after the base weapon's name, instead of a unique product of their own. Any Jakobs pistols that possess the masher grip (or Jakobs assault rifles that have the masher trigger) will perform like Mashers from the first Borderlands, firing multiple pellets per shot in a spread with significantly reduced accuracy. Pistols with the Masher grip consume 1 ammo per shot to fire 5 pellets, while assault rifles fire 4 pellets, at the cost of 2 ammo per shot.

Mashers are functionally semi-automatic shotguns with a high firecap, which makes them useful in close quarters situations.

Notable Variants

  • Buttplugunique pistol with a guaranteed Masher prefix and melee accessory. +110% melee damage. Reduced damage. Does double melee damage when used from behind.
  • Robo-Melter Masherunique pistol with a guaranteed Masher prefix. Always corrosive. Fires 5 projectiles per shot.


  • The Masher is a returning weapon from Borderlands, although it is now a separate prefix instead of a weapon class.
  • Masher weapons will count for progress in shotgun challenges.
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