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For the group of guns in Borderlands 3, see Masher (Borderlands 3).

Masher is the title of a group of revolvers that fire shotgun-like bursts of 7 projectiles.

Examples are on the talk page.

Usage & Description[]

Mashers usually have low accuracy compared to revolvers. However, compared to the average shotgun, they are much more accurate, so the projectiles stay tightly clustered at range, which could all result in headshots for very high damage output. With the right parts (high damage, high accuracy and a scope), mashers can be very powerful and useful in a wide variety of situations.

Because the Masher effect comes from the accessory (and not the title) it is possible for legendary revolvers, such as the Jakobs Unforgiven, the Tediore Equalizer and the Dahl Anaconda to have the Masher effect.


  • Mordecai is especially suited for using Mashers. For example, a level 15 Hunter with the Gunslinger talents can outdamage guns 10 or more levels higher. Trespass and a decent Masher are especially effective against Guardians as they have low health and every one of the high-damaging bullets will penetrate the shields, particularly with a scope to provide range. The Gun Crazy skill offers a chance to double the amount of projectiles, so you can shoot 14 projectiles for a single bullet of revolver ammo. This can lead to most impressive damage.
  • Since the Masher accessory takes the place of any possible elemental accessory, there are no Maliwan-made mashers.


Masher is a Title (Title_Acc2_Masher) which is given to Revolvers with the Masher accessory (acc2_Masher). The actual effect comes from the accessory, which increases the amount of projectiles to 7, as well as greatly increasing Recoil and Spread. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Projectile Count: 7
Spread: +200%
Damage: -200%
Recoil: +100%