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Martyrs are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are the most zealous members of the COV and they are ready, willing, and eager to sacrifice their lives in service to the Calypsos. Gameplay wise, they are essentially Suicide Psychos from the previous games, albeit with a different name to fit the COV's cult-like naming traits.



Martyrs are a type of Psycho whose sole purpose is to rush their target and denote a bundle of explosives in a suicide attack. While the explosion has a limited and easily escapable blast radius, and only deals moderate damage, Martyrs should still be considered a high priority target when present. Their presence is easy to notice due to the loud hissing sound of the fuse and their maniacal screaming and laughter.

The best way to deal with Martyrs is to shoot them in the legs as they are running, as it may cause them to trip and drop their charge. Once tripped, they are completely vulnerable for several seconds while they get back up and pull out a new charge. Additionally, the dropped charge will detonate after a few seconds and if it is close enough, it may damage or kill the Martyr and/or any nearby enemies.

If a Martyr is unable to reach its target, they will instead throw their explosives like regular grenades.



  • Huggy Wuggy wasn't your friend, he just wanted you to end!
  • I'm dead! You're dead! We're all dead!
  • Toasted by a bottle!
  • What is the end but another beginning?
  • Mommy came home and look what she gave me to play!
  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a boom will never fail me!
  • This isn't insanity, it's a logical conclusion!
  • Time to lick the sky!
  • Failure to launch! WARNING!
  • YOU'RE IT!
  • <ticking sounds>
  • This potato is furious!
  • Chop suey with a boom-boom!
  • Purpose, I have found thee!
  • Bad touch! Run! Go boom!
  • Everything seems so sweet at the end.
  • Make the headache end!
  • Is it getting warmer or is it just me?
  • I am the rubbery flesh dynamite!
  • Let the world reveal your insides!
  • I'm not angry, I'm amazing!
  • Sharper than a curse, I am become, the concuss!
  • Today, I am the launch that burns!
  • You don't know yourself until you boom yourself!
  • Let go thy moldy coil!
  • Never gonna let you go!
  • I'm about to blow some chunks!
  • La-di-da, Ladies and das!"
  • You may be a fancy feather, but I do the tickling around here!
  • It's safe because it's not scissors!


  • I just wants to tell you a secret!
  • I know something that you don't!
  • I'm about to really gunk up your day!
  • Serendipity is a real bitch!
  • I wonder if you'll wear me as well as I do? LET'S FIND OUT!
  • This isn't insanity, it's a logical conclusion!
  • Infernal Combustion!
  • I left my mind with my keys. DO I EVEN HAVE KEYS!?
  • Your haunches will slake me. WHERE ARE YOU HIDING THEM!?
  • Who needs a hug!?
  • Act 2 is always the slowest, you assholes!
  • The crackening bulb!
  • I crack me up!
  • Re-ember me!
  • My mouth sweats in anticipation!
  • I can show you such things!
  • Ashes to gnashes!
  • I freaking love toast!
  • Meat bodies are fleshy calamities!
  • I am but a phantom!
  • Pop goes the weasel! YOU'RE THE WEASEL!
  • Eye contact! EYE CONTACT!
  • This is a direct threat!
  • Show me your sweaty nougat!
  • You are a meat burrito!
  • The mouth sweats...can't stop!


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