Martyrs are enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are the most zealous members of the COV and they are ready, willing, and eager to sacrifice their lives in service to the Calypsos.



Martyrs are a type of Psycho whose sole purpose is to rush their target and denote explosives in a suicide attack. While the explosion has a limited blast radius, is fairly easy to escape from, and only deals moderate damage, Martyrs should be considered a high priority target when present. Their presence is easy to notice due to the hissing sound of the fuse and their maniacal screaming and laughter.

Shooting them in the legs may cause them to trip and drop their explosive charge. Once tripped, they are completely vulnerable for several seconds while they get back up and pull out a new charge. Additionally, the dropped charge will detonate after a few seconds and if it is close enough, it may damage or kill the Martyr and/or any nearby enemies.

If a Martyr is unable to reach its target, they will instead throw their explosives like regular grenades.


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