Marshall Friedman represents what passes for the law in the town of Sanctuary. He can be found initially in the shade of a building near the south entrance of Moxxi's, and then relocates to a murder crime scene outside the arms dealership after Sanctuary becomes airborne. Being somewhat puzzled by the murder, he is only too happy to enlist a passing Vault Hunter as his deputy to pass the buck. He does much the same again when distancing himself even further from a falling out between a quartet of BFFs.




  • "Been a couple of days since the last bandit raid. I'd say things are lookin' up!"
  • "Anybody got some apple cider?"
  • "I remember the times before Jack. Better times ... when you'd get killed by a skag instead of a firing squad."
  • "I say we bust in there and we find the goddamn evidence!"
  • "I'm something of a folkophile."
  • "My boots are made of the finest stalker-skin."
  • "As you were, everybody."
  • "I ran for Sheriff of Lynchwood once. Got 20% of the vote before Hyperion chased me out."
  • "Friggin' underground Eridium trade's gotta be stopped."
  • "I am proficient in both didgeridoo and jew's harp."


  • Marshall Friedman will spawn with a random pistol. When he executes a suspect during the mission Won't Get Fooled Again, it will always produce the sound of a Jakobs pistol, regardless of the actual pistol's manufacturer.
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