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Marketing Borderlands for the masses has been a considerable effort on the part of various marketing and community relations personnel. Collected below are some the avenues used to reach out to the gaming community.


Social Networking

Game Trailers


Borderlands 2


Several game characters have essentially broken the "fourth wall" of Borderlands to appear as marketing tools for the game, or have been primarily a marketing vehicle with secondary appearances inside the game.

  • Claptrap Web Series - A web series starring Claptrap and co-starring Steve.
  • General Knoxx on Twitter - The antagonist of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, featuring as a personality in his own right on Twitter.
  • Gaige on Twitter - The first playable DLC character featured as a personality on Twitter.
  • Hammerlock on Twitter - NPC Character Sir Hammerlock replaces Mister Torgue as a personality on Twitter.
  • Mr.Torgue on Twitter - Mascot NPC for Mister Torgue's Campaign of Carnage replaces Gaige as a personality on the now shared twitter account.
  • Krieg on Twitter- Krieg replaced Tiny Tina after his reveal trailer, posting just his mindless spouts and quotes.

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