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Marek's Mouth is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by scavs. Marek's Mouth is only dropped by Rabid Adams located in the Outlands Canyon.

Special Weapon Effects[]

Ask and ask and ask and ask and ye shall receive. – Always corrosive. Greatly increased magazine size and fire rate. Decreased damage. Bullets fired have a chance to apply a random bonus elemental effect as well as corrosive.

Usage & Description[]

The Marek's Mouth has an impressive magazine size even for a Scav weapon, with a good fire rate to boot. While its fixed corrosive element limits its use and further weakens its already low damage against non-armored enemies, its unique effect allows it to fire a range of elements. This makes it a good but ammo-costly "spray and pray" weapon up close against any enemy in general, as it all but guarantees they will eventually be hit by something it is weak against.


  • Marek's Mouth has a unique Luneshine flavor text that reads: "Pretty good chance of enemies caving in to Marek's incessant nagging."
    • However, this Luneshine effect does not spawn during normal gameplay, and can only be obtained through save file editing.