Marek's Mouth is a unique submachine gun in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel manufactured by scavs. Marek's Mouth is only dropped by Rabid Adams located in the Outlands Canyon.

Special Weapon Effects

Ask and ask and ask and ask and ye shall receive. – Always corrosive. Greatly increased magazine size and fire rate. Decreased damage. Has a unique Luneshine effect that gives bullets fired a chance to apply a random bonus elemental effect as well as corrosive. All parts are fixed and the Luneshine effect may randomly spawn.

Usage & Description

The Marek's Mouth has an impressive magazine size even for a Scav weapon, with a good fire rate to boot. While its fixed corrosive element limits its use and further weakens its already low damage against non-armored enemies, its unique Luneshine bonus allows it to fire a range of elements. This makes it a good but ammo-costly "spray and pray" weapon up close against any enemy in general, as it all but guarantees they will eventually be hit by something it is weak against.


  • Marek's Mouth has a unique Luneshine flavor text that reads: "Pretty good chance of enemies caving in to Marek's incessant nagging."
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