A Marauder is a new enemy featured in Borderlands 2.



Crazed Marauder A simple menace to replace the Bandit (enemy) from Borderlands 1. They usually do not use shields, therefore making Incendiary weapons very effective against them. They carry Pistols which will occasionally have an Elemental Damage effect.

Killer Marauder A stronger version of the marauder that is distinguished by it's plume of hair above it's mask. There marauders carry riffles, SMGs and sometimes shotguns. They are often (but not always) equipped with shields, so Shock element weapons will be more effective at taking them down.


Badass Marauder - Marauders that wear pieces of old Crimson Lance armor, and are tougher than standard Marauders, however they follow like tactics of their weaker counterparts and are very weak to headshots. They are much more likely to drop a higher tier weapon than a normal marauder.



  • "I got something for ya!"
  • "Time to Die!"
  • "Vault Hunters not welcome!"
  • "Why won't you die?!?"
  • "New gun? for Meee??"
  • "Come on out, bitch!"
  • "Shotty wants to say hi!"
  • "You lookin' at shotty?"
  • "Die Vault Hunter!"
  • "You don't wanna see me when im angry!"

Ally killed

  • "Whatsyourname! Noooo!!"
  • "You have guts to be doing that to a Bandit!"
  • "Only I can shoot my friends!"


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