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A collection of level maps for out-of-game convenience.

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Maps of Borderlands[]

Maps of the entire playable area[]

BL1 World Map

A map of the Borderlands world - the first playable space of Pandora [1].

Borderlands locations

A diagram showing the links between each of the Borderlands maps.

  • The circled 'S' denotes the starting location;
  • Yellow stars denote the location of a broken Claptrap;
  • Glowing red and white stars denote the location of a weapon crate revealed by repairing the nearby Claptrap(after which it remains accessible on reloading);
  • Red and white stars denote a weapon crate. If with a line above, the crate is below ground. If with a line below, the crate is above ground.

Pandora's East Coast map compiled from GOTY PDF

5401x4363 Full Size downloadable

The Game of the Year map is an inaccurate portrayal of the mapped areas of Pandora. When it is compared against the Treacher's Landing and Rust Commons West maps, the Game of the Year map's "up" direction appears to match their north. However, the inconsistencies with the in-game maps become apparent with its version of The Salt Flats, which by contrast has drastically rotated the notable landmarks by more than 100° around the central point. There are further inconsistencies, including the replacement of the Salt Flats' inaccessible desertscape with a sea, and highly compressed areas where the game has vast open expanses.

Maps of individual levels[]

Maps of Borderlands 2[]

Maps of the entire playable area[]

Borderlands 2 Playable World Map made by k1ll1ng5pr33

A map of the Borderlands 2 game world[2].

Borderlands 2 World Map

The map accompanied with the pre-order box sets of Borderlands 2, which shows every playable area in standard Borderlands 2. Despite appearing in the game itself, this map is also slightly inaccurate like the Borderlands 1 Game of the Year map, as the city of Opportunity is in the center of Lake Shining Horizons, and not in an ocean like Southern Shelf is.

Maps of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel[]

Maps of the entire playable area[]

Borderlands tps world map

A higher resolution version of this map can be found at[3]

Maps of Borderlands 3[]

Maps of the entire playable area[]

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