Mantakores are creatures encountered in Borderlands 3. They are native to Nekrotafeyo.



Mantakores are quadrupedals with a large tail, and pairs of blade-like appendages attached to their torsos. At medium to long-range, they spin around launching toxic globs. Mantakores can burrow themselves into the ground as they approach their target and cannot be harmed while buried. Once within melee distance, they viciously slash and stab their victims.
Mantakores are slow moving and very easy to outrun even on foot. They also tend to spend extended periods of time just making postures and growling sound as if trying to intimidate their victims. They have strong armor which must be stripped down with corrosive weapons before incendiary weapons are used, and cryo damage can also help with both. Despite their size and strong armor, Mantakores are surprisingly easy to deal with, provided that Vault Hunters are constantly on the move and are using adequate weapons.


  • Occasionally a Manta and a Korax may morph together into a Mantakore. The Korax lands on top of the Manta and they undergo a short mutation animation. The appendages of the Korax unfold to the long arms of the Mantakore, losing the wings. The tails of both combine, elongating the Manta's bladed tail. The Korax's head unfolds fully and becomes the Mantakore's head.


  • The Mantakore's name is a combination of Manta and Korax, the two creatures that combine to form it.
    • It's also a reference to the mythological Manticore, a being the Mantakore is visually very similar to.
  • In Mayhem Mode and True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed to Ferocious Mantakore.

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