Mancubus Bloodtooth is an NPC and mission provider in Guns, Love, and Tentacles. He is the proprietor of The Lodge, managing its day-to-day affairs.


Mancubus has a "creepy" aura, as noted by many characters, and tends to pause dramatically for words. He provides some questionable fetch tasks, but is welcoming and hospitable to all who visit—he is always happy to suggest that his esteemed guests could always stay as long as they like... Or forever.

Mancubus has a vast array of knowledge of Xylourgos' affairs, including its history, areas, and enemies.



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  • Mancubus Bloodtooth is voiced by Arin Hanson, a popular internet celebrity known for being one half of the web series, Game Grumps. His voice and vocal inflections as Mancubus mirror the character of Arin's fictional "uncle".
  • According to some ECHO logs found around Xylourgos, there is speculation that somehow Mancubus is secretly behind the events of Guns, Love, and Tentacles as a more malevolent character.
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