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Malevolent Practice is an optional mission in Borderlands 3.

You've got to check on Hammerlock's prison gang and make sure they're okay! They're probably okay. What could go wrong in a bandit-held prison?
— In-game description


"Troy's flexing his new powers and experimenting on live subjects, including Hammerlock's old prison gang. Hope they're okay!"



  • Go to The Anvil
  • Find Hammerlock's gang: 0/4
  • Search for first clue
  • Retrieve clue
  • Search for second clue
  • Kill Anointed duo
  • Shatter Anointed X-2
  • Pick up second clue
  • Search for third clue
  • Kill Anointed X-4
  • Pick up clue
  • Search Dean's cell for fourth clue
  • Find Dean
  • Talk to Dean
  • Kill the Anointed Alpha
  • Open the jail cells
  • Talk to Dean

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