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Malechs are enemies encountered in the Guns, Love, and Tentacles expansion for Borderlands 3. They serve as acolytes and light troopers for the Bonded cult. Malechs have tongue-in-cheek and self-aware quotes in combat.



Much like other light troops, Malechs will seek cover and engage their opponents from there. They will not bear any shielding, however, a nearby Lifeblood Skrit might provide them another bar of health. They will also occasionally throw grenades or, often, a corrupted heart that will create a puddle of blood. These puddles will lightly heal the Malech so long as the victim is within one.



  • Die like the scum you are!
  • Burn like the scum you are!
  • This is NOT a good look!
  • You were a fool to face me!
  • You'll regret this!
  • I spy with my monstrous eye!
  • You shall be flayed at town square!
  • You will be the first on the fire!
  • Am I supposed to be impressed?
  • We will never be defeated!
  • I'm gonna be like, "Pew pew! Khhhhhhh..." and you're gonna be like, "Noooo!"
  • Don't move! That makes it really hard to shoot you!
  • Rain devastation!
  • No wall can hold the hunger of Gythian!
  • Face me! And perish...
  • HAHAHAHAHA! ...okay I'm ready!
  • You're a huge tool! Somebody had to say it!
  • Gythian's fury spurs me on!
  • Gythian guides my hand!
  • Your treachery will not go unnoticed!
  • Let's. Get. Tentacular!

Taking Cover

  • Shield me, oh mighty inanimate object!
  • This is not good luck!
  • I require protection!
  • I hide not! ...Except this one time.
  • Get to cover! Uh, sacred cover!


  • You shall die! ...when I'm done reloading.
  • Wait, I'm reloading. I'll kill you in a second!


  • One Star! Would not... die... again.
  • I was supposed to die in a hot tub, as it was foretold...
  • I never believed in Gythian! I take it all back!
  • I knew joining some crazy cult was a bad life decision.
  • You'll regret this! ...Maybe!
  • I've wasted my life! Uaaagh...
  • I die! For Gythian!
  • But.... my eternal life!
  • Is this how it ends? ...OW! Yep!
  • All the things have come to an end...
  • Tell Gregory... not to touch my stuff...
  • No! It can't be...
  • I hope I was... spooky! Auuhaugh...

Ascendant Malech / Nightmare Malech specific: Spawning

  • At last I arrive! And with it, despair!
  • Oh, I can feel it now! I am filled with the glory of Gythian!
  • Such power I can only dream!
  • I will reap such terrors!

Summoning Shade Malechs

  • Divide and conquer!
  • You cannot hide from me! Rrrrrurururgh!
  • Share my strength!
  • Pass through the gate! This world is ours.
  • I am your nightmare!
  • Feel my might!
  • Multiply!

On Shade Malech's death

  • Such is their fate!
  • As they were destined.