Malak's Bane is a legendary sniper rifle in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Dahl. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Phoenix located in The Splinterlands on Pandora.

Special Weapon Effects

Welcome to the end. – Always Cryo or Incendiary. Shoots a slow moving projectile that consumes 2 ammo per shot. Shots bounce twice and penetrates enemies. Alternative firing mode is a five-pellet shotgun that draws from the main magazine.

Usage & Description

Despite being a Dahl weapon, the Malak's Bane functions more like a mix between Maliwan and Vladof weapons, as it deals the respectable damage-over-time of Maliwan and possesses two firing styles like Vladof. The alternative firing shares the same magazine and can be reloaded manually instead of having to wait for ammo to recharge.

While it appears effective on paper, the weapon has many of the drawbacks of other alien barrel weapons, including higher ammo consumption and slow projectile travel speed. This makes it less effective as a sniper rifle and more useful as a close range elemental shotgun.


  • Hotfix 2/27/2020: Damage increased. Shotgun ammo cost reduced from 4 to 2.


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