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Magma Rivers is a unique Lil' Darksider mini-boss encountered in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. He is found on the bottom floor of "The Grabba" building (which houses a Moon Zoomy station and the area's Fast Travel) in the north half of Triton Flats.



Magma Rivers is a Lil' Darksider with increased health and damage. He will also drop better loot than most Darksiders tend to, though doesn't have any unique loot associated with him.

During the mission A New Direction, killing Magma Rivers will cause him to drop a prism that is a required objective to complete that mission. Afterwards, he will continue to spawn in the same area.


  • Within the game files, Magma Rivers is classified as a Badass Lil' Darksider. However, no other Badass Lil' Darksiders spawn in the game.

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