Magic Slaughter: Round 5 is the fifth round in a series of six optional survival missions in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. It given by Murderlin. The mission series and Murderlin's Temple in which it is conducted become available after initial mission is complete.



Survive the Magic Slaughter's final round.
  • Gather at Lever O' Magic
  • Pull Lever O' Magic
  • Survive round 5
  • Complete waves: 0/5


Head to the Lever O' Magic after accepting the mission. From there, it is necessary to survive 5 waves in the circle of slaughter.

  1. First wave starts with a large number of midget skeletons, followed by enchanted skeleton archers, then a pair of badass skeletons.
  2. Second wave starts with a trio of badass dwarfes from the back of the arena. Other enemies in this wave may include: knights, wizards, skeletons, enchanted skeleton archers, orc bashers, suicide orcs. The Magic Crystal lowers once during this wave.
  3. First half of this wave may include: enchanted skeleton archers, suicide skeletons, armored skeletons, skeleton mages, storm knights, dwarfes. Second half of this wave may include: sorcerers, archers, skeletons (common, fiery, armored, and badass), paladins, and badass knights.
  4. First half of this wave include: dwarfzerkers, squires, and knights. The Magic Crystal lowers once during this wave. The second half of this wave may include: wizards (non-badass), enchanted skeleton archers, skeletons (armored, suicide and mages)
  5. This wave starts with two badass knights from the back of the arena, followed by fiery and common skeletons, orcs (grunts or warriors). In the second half of this wave, two dragons will appear. Other enemies may include: skeletons, badass fire archers, badass dwarfes, and badass knights, again.


"You've done it! You now have the option of trying the repeatable badass round!"

Turn In: Murderlin the Wizard


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