Magic Slaughter: Round 3 is the third round in a series of six optional survival missions in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. It given by Murderlin. The mission series and Murderlin's Temple in which it is conducted become available after initial mission is complete.



  • Gather at Lever O' Magic
  • Pull Lever O' Magic
  • Survive round 3
  • Complete waves: 0/4


There are four waves to fight in round 3.

The first wave comprise several Giant Skeletons.

Subsequent waves comprise a mixture of armored skeletons, brittle skeletons, skeleton seers, immortal skeletaur, suicide skeletons, skeleton archers and midget skeletons.

A Crystal of Perpetual TERROR and several more Giant Skeletons will also be present in the last wave.


"Keep going – you're more than halfway done!"


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