Magic Slaughter: Round 1 is the first round in a series of six optional survival missions in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. It given by Murderlin. The mission series and Murderlin's Temple in which it is conducted become available after initial mission by Moxxi is complete.



  • Gather at Lever O' Magic
  • Pull Lever O' Magic
  • Survive round 1
  • Complete waves: 0/4


Head to the Lever O' Magic after accepting the mission from Murderlin. From there, must survive 4 waves of Orcs and Skeletons in the circle of slaughter.

The waves consist of:

  1. Skeletons: simple, Archers, a few Seers, can be some Badasses
  2. Skeletons: all from first wave and new: Midgets ans few Fiery
  3. Orcs: Bashers, Warriors and one-two Grunts
  4. Skeletons, orcs and at the end Badass Orc Warlord


"That was nothing'. Are you ready for round two?"

Turn In: Murderlin the Wizard


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