Maelstrom is a Tier 1 skill on Athena's Ceraunic Storm skill tree, and one of two skills mandatory for continuing further down the skill tree.


  • Elemental Damage: +0.4% per stack.

Shock and Incendiary damage inflicted (including damage-over-time ticks) give stacks of the 'Maelstrom' buff, increasing elemental damage. Stacks steadily decay and as the number of stacks increases, the faster this rate of decay will tick down.


  • Elemental attacks inflicted by the Aspis (i.e. Prismatic Aegis, Zeus' Rage, etc.) count towards Maelstrom stacks.
  • Maelstrom benefits most from elemental weapons with high elemental proc rates and high rates of fire, such as Maliwan SMGs. Each hit (as well as each 'tick' from damage-over-time) counts towards your Maelstrom stack. Slower weapons, such as shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, aren't fast enough to effectively keep up Maelstrom (particularly at high stack counts) unless numerous enemies are hit simultaneously and the elemental effect triggers on most or all of them.
  • Thunderfire has great synergy with this skill as it deals both incendiary and shock damage, making it gain stacks twice as fast.
  • Tesla grenades not only build stacks quickly, but also ensure that Conduit is always active.

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