Madcap is a legendary shield manufactured by Anshin. It is exclusive to the Designer's Cut DLC can only be obtained as part of Arms Race, either from Heavyweight Harker or its specific dedicated loot chest in Stormblind Complex located on Pandora.

Special Shield Effects

Sometimes there is no next time. – Increased shield capacity. Reduces Fight For Your Life time by 50%. Always spawns with 3 shield augments.

Usage & Description

The Madcap's high capacity lends itself well to characters that can rely on using their shield for survivability and pairs well with items and skills that further improve or can effectively utilise the large capacity of the Madcap, such as FL4K's Capacitance skill, the Deathless relic or Moze's Bloodletter class mod. However, users should be careful to avoid entering Fight For Your Life while using the Madcap due to the halved time to achieve a Second Wind.


  • The Fight For Your Life time penalty can be effectively mitigated with the "Too Angry To Die" and "Dead Man Walking" Guardian Rank perks.


  • The red text is from a quote by Alan Bennett with the full quote being "Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs. no second chances. Sometimes it's now or never".
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