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Madame Von Bartlesby is a miniboss varkid found at Skittering Mound in the Tundra Express. She sends kamikaze varkids out as an attack form, and these can be used to receive a second wind. She is involved in the mission You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep.

Madame Von Bartlesby has the same attack patterns and damage as an Ultimate Badass Varkid, so players should be warned to bring sufficient gear when fighting her for the first time.



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  • Madame Von Bartlesby has a chance to drop the legendary SMG Baby Maker.
  • Unlike other varkids, Madame Von Bartlesby cannot morph into a next stage of evolution.
  • Killing Madame Von Bartlesby without any Vault Hunters being hit by her bug bombs completes the Bug Off challenge.
  • Destroying Madame Von Bartlesby's bug bombs counts towards the Hurly Burly challenge.
  • Madame Von Bartlesby can be Phaselocked, although the duration of the Phaselock is lower than with common enemies.