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Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre is a Headhunter Pack for Borderlands 2. The DLC includes a small story and a boss fight with a unique head and skin to unlock as well as a few secret activities that provide additional loot.

The DLC released on February 11th 2014 for a price of $2.99. It was the fourth "Headhunter" pack.

The DLC can be accessed by Fast Traveling to Rotgut Distillery where the first mission will automatically start. The level is set when the area is first visited, but in Normal Mode is at least 15 and at most 35.


Med DLC Wedding Moxxie.jpg

The story revisits the Hodunk-Zaford feud. A goliath from each family will be married in order to bring peace to the two families. However, things are not off to a good start and the couple are at each other's throats. The Vault Hunters are tasked by Moxxi to gather ingredients for a love potion to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


This DLC includes one story mission and a smaller "fetch" mission.

Secret Activities

Like the other Headhunter DLC's, there are several secret activities available in mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre:

Thresher Fishing

Throughout Rotgut Distillery, several pieces of bait can be found and picked up. Each piece of bait is colored to match a specific rarity and can be used at one of the fishing poles near the pond. Each piece of bait summons a different unique Thresher. Summoning and defeating a thresher awards loot and the ability to place a "trophy" at a nearby trophy board. If all five trophies are placed within a single visit to Rotgut Distillery access is granted to a special loot chest.

  • Sigmand - fish for at the rod just before the bridge using the white-rarity fish ("Wonder what this does? If only there were a FISHING POLE nearby...") in the bucket immediately nearby.
  • Ikaroa - fish for at the pole by the waterfall using the green-rarity fish ("Looks like some mighty uncommon thresher bait.") found in the bucket on the corner of the porch near where you found the Baby Goliath.
  • Moby - fish for at the rod next to the regular red loot chest on the docks, using the blue-rarity bait ("Wow, this bait looks rare.") found in a bucket in the room before BLNG-Loader runs away.
  • Fire Crak'n - fish for at the rod at the end of the docks, past the blue-bait rod, using the purple-rarity bait ("Purple bait is very rare. Threshers with refined taste always choose purple bait.") dropped by BLNG-Loader upon defeating it, and in a bucket near the mixer on subsequent playthroughs.
  • Rue, the Love Thresher - fish for at the rod right next to the locked loot chest, using the orange-rarity bait ("Few have witnessed the majesty of this legendary orange bait.") dropped by Colin and Bridget.

Loot Leprechaun

Main article: Loot Leprechaun

An enemy called the Loot Leprechaun can spawn from any of several small caves at the edge of the area. The Loot Leprechaun moves very quickly, leaving a rainbow trail in his wake. If shot, he does not take any damage, even if slagged. but he can be hit with a melee and after each hit he will drop loot, usually money and items of blue and green rarity. He can be hit three or four times before finally disappearing. If not hit in time, he will escape into a cave.


Main article: Rotgut Distillery

The DLC introduces Rotgut Distillery as the sole location. The area is medium-sized and includes a mix of indoor and outdoor environments. Within the area is a Zaford distillery, small village, motel, and chapel. Throughout the area there are three Ammo Dump and two Zed's Meds vending machines. A Quick Change location is also present.


Several characters from Borderlands 2 make appearances.

And few original ones appear together with the DLC:


This pack makes use of several existing enemies and factions from the main Borderlands 2 campaign while also introducing some new enemy variants


Heads and Skins

This pack includes a new head and skin for each class. The head is obtained as a mission reward from A Match Made on Pandora and the skin is obtained as a drop from the "Lovely Couple" boss fight featuring Bridget Hodunk and Colin Zaford. The Skin is not guaranteed to drop the first time the boss fight is completed and may need to be farmed.








  • The DLC's heads are rewarded by the mission "A Match Made on Pandora".
  • The DLC's title and the title's font are a reference to the band The Birthday Massacre.
  • This DLC includes new lines from each of the playable Vault Hunters, including Gaige and Krieg.
  • Many fans of the series consider this to be the best Headhunter pack.