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Mad Mel is the dominant bandit boss of the Dahl Headlands, and is encountered driving a Monster in a circular arena.


Mad Mel is the leader of the bandits in the Dahl Headlands. Lucky says that Scooter has not been able to fix the Fast Travel network because the road has been blocked by Mad Mel and his bandits. Scooter shows great disdain for Mad Mel because he puts his bandits on his Runners (which the Vault Hunters end up destroying).


The road to New Haven goes through an arena which Mad Mel controls. Mad Mel must be defeated for the story to proceed any further. Upon Mad Mel's death, Scooter thanks the Vault Hunters for killing him.



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"Yeah! Hahaha! Better run!" (Just before Mad Mel appears in the arena)


  • Mad Mel's name is an amalgamation of the title of a popular post-apocalyptic movie, Mad Max; and the actor who portrayed the titular character of Max, Mel Gibson. The text describing the mission to kill Mad Mel also refers to him as a "lethal weapon behind the wheel of any vehicle;" Mel Gibson starred in the Lethal Weapon series of action films.
  • When Helena Pierce offers a reward for killing Mad Mel, she says, "It's great to see someone with a brave heart willing to go out there and live dangerously." Mel Gibson played the leading role in the movie Braveheart, and opposite Sigourney Weaver in "The Year of Living Dangerously".
  • Mad Mel strongly resembles Lord Humungous, the main antagonist of Mad Max 2. The Monster he drives also resembles the character's six-wheeled truck in the film.
  • Mad Mel uses the character model of a badass bruiser.
  • Mad Mel will not respawn after Playthrough 2, unlike most bosses.

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