Mad Dog is an optional boss in Borderlands 2. He can be found near Death Row Refinery in Lynchwood. A former enemy of Brick, Mad Dog is an insane bandit who straps sticks of dynamite onto his body.


Mad Dog behaves exactly like a Suicide Psycho: he will rush at targets and rapidly hurl explosives towards his enemy. He does not try to blow himself up however, and will normally try to keep a distance in order to better throw his bombs. Because of this, it is safest to snipe or shoot Mad Dog from afar. It is possible to shoot his bombs out of his hands, which can sometimes inflict damage on him. However, he also has the possibility to do the jumping pound attack of a regular Goliath, even though he actually is a Suicide Psycho.


  • As of August 6, 2013, Mad Dog can now drop the Madhous! legendary assault rifle.
  • He is first encountered during the Breaking the Bank mission, and will spawn after that mission.
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