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Borderlands Mac Edition by Feral Interactive[]

Borderlands Mac Edition was released in December 2010. It is available as a download from the Mac App Store as well as a DVD box set.

It is a full native port of Borderlands (rather than simply windows code in a Wine wrapper, for instance) and is published and supported by Feral Interactive rather than Gearbox. Feral have a good reputation online for quality ports and have also taken care of other native ports to the Mac platform including that of Bioshock.

System Requirements[]

It requires an Intel processor running OSX 10.6.4 or later with a 128mb graphics card at a minimum.

The following graphics cards are NOT supported:

  • ATI X1xxx
  • Nvidia 7xxx
  • Intel GMA series

GOTY edition for Mac[]

The GOTY edition is available as a download from the Mac App Store and as a DVD box set.

The DVD box set is similar to the PC version and includes an instruction booklet, large printed map of Pandora and two installation DVDs which include all four DLC packs. No further downloading is necessary to play the DLC packs.

The DVD box set comes with a serial number which can be authorised on up to five different computers at a time so you can have Borderlands installed on your home desktop as well as on your laptop for travelling without having to switch authorisation between the two.


There are two Multiplayer options, LAN and online

  • LAN (Local Area Network) multiplayer games may be joined or hosted on your own computer without further modification to the game.
  • To play multiplayer online you must first download and install the free Game Ranger utility from and set up a free account there before searching for or hosting online Borderlands games.
    • Borderlands is listed as a Cross-Platform game on Game Ranger so online play with friends who use PCs should not be a problem.

Steam - Mac edition unavailable[]

Because the Mac version is ported and published by Feral and not Gearbox it would require a separate agreement to make it available via Steam and Valve would be unable to bundle both Mac and PC version together in the same purchase with their Steamplay feature.

Modding the Mac Edition, Save Game Tips on Mac[]

For further information and Save Game tips on Modding the Mac edition see the Mac section on the general Borderlands Modding page.