MMORPGFPS is an optional/pisstake mission in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. There are three rival adventurers camped at the spawn point of a boss, and they have no interest in sharing.



  • Head to monster's lair
  • Get credit for killing monster
  • Fail to get credit
  • Teabag xxDatVaultHuntrxx: 0/2
  • Melee 420_E-Sports_Masta to death: 0/2
  • Headshot [720NoScope]Headshotz: 0/2
  • Get credit for killing monster


Three gamers stand lined up at a crypt, ready to kill a boss monster. When the Vault Hunters arrive, the trio fiercely defend their position, claiming that the kill is going to be theirs alone. A Skeleton Swordsman emerges from the crypt and they waste no time in dispatching it. Clearly the trio intend to hang around for the next spawn and claim that kill as well, so a new plan is put in place to make them rage quit.

Getting them to rage quit requires three separate objectives, one for each. xxDatVaultHuntrxx will quit the game when he is "teabagged" twice. This requires him to be killed, and while he is down a player can check off the objective by putting their character into a crouch directly over xxDatVaultHuntrxx's corpse. 420_E-Sports_Masta needs to be killed by melee twice. Any gun or grenade damage used to reduce his life will be inconsequential - as long as the killing blow is delivered by a melee attack, the objective will be checked off the list. [720NoScope]Headshotz needs to be killed by a shot to the head. Again, preceding damage may be used to lower her health, but as long as the killing blow is delivered by a head shot the objective can be completed.

Each time any of them die they will respawn after a lengthy delay during which they will be visible in a greenish ghost form, which cannot be harmed. In the interim, any of them can be killed off outright to thin out their ranks for one or two to be singled out alone - the temporarily vanquished foe will respawn soon enough.

Once the trio have rage quit, another monster exits the crypt. This time it is a tougher Badass Skeleton, although even that poses little threat, and disposing of it completes the final objective.



Turn In: Mister Torgue


  • The antagonists' ghost forms appear to sustain the burn, shock and corrode status effects from elemental weapons, although the effect is purely cosmetic and will not harm them.
  • Maya's phaselock ability may instantly kill any of the players, resulting in a lengthy wait between respawns.

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