The Murrv, Mrvur, Mruv, Muvr and Muvv grenades are common MIRV grenade mods in Borderlands 2 manufactured by Bandit.

Usage & Description

Upon detonation the parent grenade spawns child grenades, the number of which depend on the stats randomly ascribed to the grenade mod when it is dropped from a loot source. This grenade mod's base damage stat is multiplied by the number of child grenades spawned from it, with each child grenade having only the base damage stat. Potentially all the child grenades could explode against one target dealing full product damage. The child grenades carry the same elemental effect as the parent grenade.


  • Due to the bandits' habit of misspelling items, this type of grenade spawns with the titles Murrv, Mrvur, Mruv, Muvv and Muvr, with each one indicating the damage element that it uses.
  • The difference between this bandits' MIRV and Torgue's MIRV is that this one can have other elements to it other than explosive.

Notable variants

  • Fuster Cluck - Unique MIRV grenade mod that spawns child grenades in mid air.
  • Contraband Sky Rocket - Unique grenade mod that flies upwards and releases a burst of "fireworks" (similar to a bouncing betty, but the game treats this grenade mod as a MIRV)


  • The Bandit's MIRV grenade mods is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source.
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