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MIRV is a fuse-based Grenade Mod manufactured by Torgue. When exploding, it throws out several more grenades.

Usage and Description[]

Similar to Bouncing Bettie Grenades, after their two-second fuse has expired, MIRV grenades detonate, dealing initial damage, then disperse six small, round sub-munitions, or bomblets. These bomblets, in turn, explode after two seconds to deal additional damage. MIRV bomblets are gravity-based and are scattered about a large radius. The bomblets bounce off of surfaces and enemies alike before exploding, making MIRVs excellent for inflicting damage across any area, be it open or enclosed. MIRV grenades will bounce off of walls and bounce along the ground for a short distance before detonating.


  • After a MIRV grenade has been thrown the player can enter the inventory screen and select a different MIRV grenade mod before the thrown grenade has detonated to change the element of the thrown grenade. The thrown grenade will still bear the color of the original element but will detonate as the new element. This effect only works in Single Player mode.
  • Because MIRVs are fused and their bomblets are gravity-based they are not terribly effective against air-borne enemies.
  • A glitch associated with terrain mapping may cause MIRV grenades to disappear after landing or hitting something instead of detonating. This is more likely to occur when the grenade leaves the player's line of sight. To reduce this possibility either make sure the grenade remains in the line of sight from collision to explosion, or, if necessary to take cover, hide behind objects that are placed rather than part of the mapped terrain.


  • MIRV is an acronym for Multiple Independently targetable Reentry Vehicle, a warhead consisting of a collection of nuclear weapons carried on a single intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) or a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).
  • The actual behavior of the grenade is closer to that of a Cluster Bomb.