M4D-TP is an internal representation of part of Claptrap's mind in the Claptastic Voyage DLC from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is first met during the mission File Search, imprisoned in the Quarantine cube. It wears a pizza box on its head (with a slice of pizza), and a beer bottle on its antenna.


M4D-TP only interacts with the Vault Hunters via mission dialog in the missions File Search, where it is imprisoned in Quarantine, and in the mission The Psychology of a Claptrap, when it is released from Quarantine. In both cases, it appears obsessed with pancakes, and is disappointed when none are present.

After the missions, M4D-TP can be found right outside where the Quarantine cube used to be (next to the exit to Subconscious), but cannot be interacted with, and will not say anything else.



  • "Pancake, PANCAAAKE! Who's there? Who's there?!"
  • "No no pancake."
  • "Pancake! PANCAAAAAKE! No pancake. No pancake."