M2828 Thumpson is a legendary assault rifle manufactured by Jakobs in Borderlands 2 and is exclusive to the Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary DLC. It is randomly dropped from a marked grave in Dahl Abandon.

Special Weapon Effects

Every soldier has two families: those you raise, and those you raise hell with. – Increased damage, critical hit bonus, and magazine size.

Usage & Description

The M2828 Thumpson is a Jakobs assault rifle with extremely high damage magazine size. In exchange, it has slightly reduced accuracy.


  • The M2828 Thumpson can spawn with any assault rifle accessory but regardless of the accessory, the prefix does not appear in the weapon's name.
  • The M2828 Thumpson has a maximum magazine size of 93 with a bandit grip and magazine size accessory, the highest possible magazine size for a Jakobs weapon.



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