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Luneshine Hyperion Invader

Luneshine effects are special effects in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel which can be found in any weapon, including legendaries, and grant varying bonuses. Luneshine weapons are marked by glowing lines across the weapon's body, as well as a blue tint on the rest of the weapon.

The luneshine effects can only be differentiated from the weapon's card, not from the appearance, as they are all visually indistinct from one another.

List of Luneshine bonuses[]

  • Boominator: +5% grenade damage.
    • Explosive weapons, such as Torgue weapons, also receive a 5% bonus to their splash damage.
      • Exceptions include rocket launchers, Torpedo assault rifles, and the KerBoom's main rocket (though its spawned grenade will have the bonus).
    • Maliwan pistols, the Hail, the Blowfly, and the explosive feedback from Kinetic Armor also receive a bonus.
  • Fast Learner: +XP from kills
  • Harden Up: +3% maximum shield capacity
  • Oxygenator: +1 O2 unit after damaging an enemy.
  • Piercing Rounds: +30% chance to ignore shields. Have no effect on the Longnail.
  • Punisher: +10% critical damage. Does not apply to Rocket Launchers
  • Safe Guard: +3% capacity added to shields on kill. Does not reset the shield's recharge delay.
  • Serenity: -20% O2 consumption rate. This bonus works in an atmosphere.

Luneshine weapon sources[]

  • The Grinder in Concordia: Grinding with moonstones guarantees the best possible result, with a slight chance of generating luneshine weapons.
  • Moonstone Chests: Each requires 40 moonstones to open, and have a chance of containing at least one luneshine weapon.
  • Bosses and certain minibosses can drop Luneshine variants of weapons blue rarity or higher.


  • In multiplayer The Fast learner effect only applies to your teammate(s) and only if you both damage the same target.


  • The Luneshine effect is stored exclusively in the secondary accessory part, which was present but only used once in Borderlands 2 for the Rapier.
  • All weapons in the game (except for Glitch weapons, as they already have the second accessory slot filled) are capable of possessing a Luneshine bonus; this includes unique weapons, as the game treats them as legitimate. However, unique weapons can never spawn with a Luneshine bonus in-game. This is only possible with save-file modification.
  • Marek's Mouth has a unique Luneshine effect not shared with any other weapon.
  • Before patch 1.02, the Excalibastard was not obtainable from the Grinder, which means it couldn't have a legitimate Luneshine bonus as a result.