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Location 1: Behind "Supplies" Building (White Chest)[]

Behind the building with the "Supplies" sign on top, there is a white chest. It's on the opposite side of the building from the southern-most gun vending machine, between the back of the building and the wall/roadblock.

Location 2: Past the Bridge (White Chest)[]

This chest is easily seen sitting on an overlook platform (with some yellow barrels and an ammo chest) just past the first bridge. After crossing the bridge, go under an old mining cart track past the building on the left. The chest is left of the path after the building and before entering the cave with the huge skull entrance.

Location 3: Claptrap Rescue (Red Chest)[]

Main article: Claptrap Rescue: The Lumber Yard

Upon being repaired the Claptrap will activate the nearby conveyor belt then lead the vault hunter to a lumber slide. After a few seconds a Red Chest will slide down. The Claptrap is located on the western side of the northern-most section.