Lucky 7 is a legendary pistol exclusive to the Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC for Borderlands 3 and is manufactured by Jakobs. It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Scraptrap Prime located in The Compactor.

Special Weapon Effects

O Fortuna. – Has a chance to get various bonus effects after a reload. Increased magazine size.

Usage & Description

The Lucky 7 is an unpredictable weapon, since the chance of gaining special effects from a reload is randomized. It can perform very well, or if no bonuses occur, perform like a normal Jakobs pistol. Even so, it is overall an impressive and dependable weapon, as it has a high magazine size for a Jakobs pistol, and all its special effects are beneficial.


  • The bonus effects are lost upon switching weapons.
  • Moze's ammo regeneration skill in her Bottomless Mags skill tree can refill the weapon's magazine without reloading, thus keeping the special effects active for longer periods.
    • Additionally, it is possible to fire a bullet then quickly reload while Forge is active. The magazine will refill itself while reloading and can trigger bonuses.
    • This can be done on any character using the Bloody-Harvest exclusive Terror Anointment that grants ammo regeneration while terrified. This is especially effective on FL4K, allowing them to reach massive damage outputs and the St4ckbot class mod has excellent synergy with the Lucky 7's critical hit bonus.
  • The bonus effect is shown as a slot machine with 5 symbols and can have the following bonuses:
    • Crosshair: All shots in the magazine deal critical hits regardless of aim, pierces the enemy and ricochets.
    • Bullets: The weapon is fired in an automatic mode with an increased fire rate.
    • Fire: All shots in the magazine deal elemental damage.
    • Mushroom cloud: All shots in the magazine fire explosive rounds with a blast radius.
    • 7: Fire seven projectiles in the shape of a 7.
  • It is possible to gain multiple bonuses in a single reload.
  • Based on user testing, the chance for any individual bonus is 25%.
    • Rolling no bonuses has roughly a 24% chance, or on average once every four reloads.
    • Rolling three or more bonuses has roughly a 10% chance, or on average once every ten reloads.
    • Rolling all bonuses has roughly a 0.1% chance, or on average once every thousand reloads.
  • The "Fire" bonus effect also converts melee and other sources of damage to elemental damage.
  • The Lucky 7 can rarely drop from Loaders in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck DLC but it cannot be equipped without the Handsome Jackpot DLC.


  • The number 7 is considered the luckiest number in western culture.
  • The flavor text is a reference to the medieval poem O Fortuna, which is better known as being set to music by the composer Carl Orff in his scenic cantata "Carmina Burana". The poem itself is a complaint about the goddess Fortuna who rules the fate of both gods and mortals in Greek and Roman mythology.
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