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Lucky's Last Chance Watering Hole is a travel stop on the road between Fyrestone and New Haven.


Lucky Zaford runs this establishment in the barren, bandit-infested Dahl Headlands. All of the amenities one could expect from an outpost can be found here, although the site has been overrun by a bandit gang reducing the ease of access to these facilities. All three types of vending machines are inside the room containing the bar. A Fast Travel terminal and Lucky's Bounty Board are just outside, and there is a covered garage with a Catch-A-Ride terminal next to the building. Lucky Zaford is the only character found inside of the establishment and can be found locked in a side room, sitting on the toilet.


  • It is possible to get to the second story ledge of the metal barn if the barrel sitting on the side with the sloped roof remains intact, although it is also possible to get onto the sloped roof by being flush against the wall and simply jumping up twice.
  • There is a white weapon chest on the roof. It can be reached by jumping on the stacked tires out back, then using the fence to reach the roof, or by using the stacked pipes next to the back door to jump onto the roof.
  • Lucky's can be a lucrative farming ground by exiting and restarting the game. With the New-U Station right outside the building, the vending machines inside, and three chests in the area, the watering hole provides a convenient looting ground each time the game is re-entered.


  • This is the only building in the game that plays a song on the radio located inside. The song in question is called "Children Inherit the Earth" by Raison this song is also played at the bar across the street from the Tartarus Station Bounty Board in the fourth DLC pack.
  • The dartboard is also encircled by green, circular trays of some sort, forming a four-leaf clover. This is a play on Lucky Zaford's name.
  • The garage located next to the Catch-a-Ride terminal is blacked out and listed as non-passable on the map, but in fact the black "wall" can be passed, allowing entrance into the bandit camp. Be careful, however, as passing this barrier seems to immediately draw the attention of the camp's malicious residents.
  • There is another similar house in Jakobs Cove in the town with a "Lucky's" sign on it.
  • When raiding the Watering Hole to free Lucky, a Badass Bruiser may spawn in the holding cell with Lucky.