For the mission reward version of the weapon, see Love Drill (mission reward).

Love Drill is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Jakobs.
It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Eleanor located in Heart's Desire on Xylourgos.

Special Weapon Effects

...till death do us depart. – Unique sight. Has a 40% chance to deal double damage as shock. Critical hits return 2 bullet to the magazine. Reduced magazine size. Increased damage, and significantly increased critical damage.

Usage & Description

The Love Drill can be considered as an upgraded version of the Unforgiven, as it deals much more damage, has no firing speed penalty, and deals incredibly high critical hit damage. With a critical damage multiplier only beaten by the Unforgiven and very high base damage, the Love Drill can tear through enemies with large critical spots. These enemies are especially weak against the Love Drill, as critical hits will return two bullets to the magazine, meaning it will never needed to be reloaded as long as the character hits every shot. This is further enhanced by the gun's chance of getting doubled shock damage, giving it shield-depleting properties.

The Love Drill is more limited against regular enemies, as it still has the heavy recoil of a Jakobs weapon, low magazine size, and its unique sight also makes it difficult to aim accurately. However, because of the very high damage, extremely high critical hit damage and 40% chance to deal double damage, this weapon is still extremely effective against all enemies, often killing enemies in 1 shot on Mayhem 10 and 11 provided a critical hit and the bonus shock damage is applied.


  • This legendary weapon is part of a pair of weapons, the other being the Love Drill rewarded at the end of the DLC's storyline. It is differentiated by its rarity and weapon skin, and is considered the superior of the pair, as it deals double damage, has higher critical hit damage, and has the chance to deal double shock damage.
  • FL4K's Fade Away synergises worse with this weapon than what might be expected: Although "Critical!" pops up on any Fade Away hit, the damage bonus of Fade Away is only based on gun damage and ignores any critical damage bonuses, although it does return ammo to the magazine for each hit. Still, skills such as Leave No Trace, Megavore, and critical hit focused skills can allow Fl4k to tear through any enemy in seconds.
  • The Love Drill has a unique sight in the shape of a hovering diamond. The bullets still fire from the iron sights when zoomed in, instead of the diamond.
  • Hotfix 12/17/2020: Damage increased by 100%, and bonus shock damage chance increased from 20% to 40%.


  • The flavor text refers to the vows said during a wedding ceremony. The text is the second half of the quote, with the full quote being "To have and to hold... till death do us depart".
  • The Love Drill is one of the few weapons that shares the exact same name as another weapon in one game (that being its pairing).
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