Lost and Found is an optional mission in the Bounty of Blood, a downloadable content pack for the Borderlands 3.


"It turns out Titus has a soft spot for wounded animals. And he'd like to be reunited with his long lost little snugglebun."



  • Meet Oletta at Guinefort Grotto
  • Talk to Oletta
  • Take pants
  • Get prime devil meat
    • Get electric prime devil meat (4) (optional)
    • Get radioactive prime devil meat (4) (optional)
  • Lure Bella out with prime devil meat
    • Lure Bella out with electric meat (optional)
    • Lure Bella out with radioactive meat (optional)
  • Place Titus' pants
  • Protect Bella
  • Follow Bella
  • Talk to Oletta



  • Mission items:
    • Titus's Pants
    • Electric Prime Devil Meat
    • Radioactive Prime Devil Meat


Video Walkthrough

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