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Lost Legion Sergeants are enemies frequently encountered within groups of Lost Legion troops in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Lost Legion Sergeants appear for the first time during the Home Sweet Home mission taking place at Hyperion Hub of Heroism, and later on at any location with large number of the Lost Legion troops. They appear in The Holodome Onslaught DLC as well.


Lost Legion Sergeants are in charge of the Lost Legion troops they are with, and lead them into combat. Their armament consists of a pistol and a sword, and are equipped with a short-range jetpack. They always charge straight for the enemy, are relentless in their attacks, and will hardly ever look for a cover. Jetpack allows them to quickly close in on the enemy making large leaps which ends with a powerful ground slam attack. When close in, they can deal a considerable damage with their sword. If their healt drops below 20% they store the sword into backpack and continue fighting only using pistol.


  • Legion! Moove!
  • Charge!
  • Covering fire!
  • You are just what I needed.
  • I'll be gentle, honest.
  • Make me try at least!
  • Don't keep me waiting.
  • We gonna skin you alive!
  • Got your number!
  • Say your prayers!
  • You better run!
  • We stand when rest of the universe falls!
  • What you even fight for?
  • Forgive me, Colonel!