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Lost Legion Medics are enemies frequently encountered within groups of Lost Legion troops in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Lost Legion Medics appear for the first time during the Home Sweet Home mission taking place at Hyperion Hub of Heroism, and later on at the Lunar Launching Station. They later appear in The Holodome Onslaught DLC.


Despite their name, they hardly ever do one would expect from a combat medic. Instead of healing their fellow combatants, they act more like a light-armed infantry providing covering fire and generally harassing the enemy. On very rare occasions they can be seen using a device they carry attached to their belts to heal their comrades. If approached by an attacker the medic will attempt to retreat and fight from a safe distance but failing that they will perform melee attack. They often crouch to shoot if in open, or retreat to hide behind whatever cover is nearby. They will occasionally combat roll their way out of the line of fire or toss a grenade or two. They however pose not much of a threat to a well-equipped and alert Vault Hunter.


  • You're no soldier, pal!
  • Show me what you've got!



  • Device Medics use to heal their fellow combatants resembles to Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator or Gravity Gun featured in Half Life 2.