Lost Legion Eternals are members of the Lost Legion who have been changed after their exposure to the mysteries of the ancient Eridians.


Lost Legion Eternals first appear during the mission Eye to Eye, in support of Colonel Zarpedon's second phase. They subsequently appear among Lost Legion ranks in Vorago Solitude and Tycho's Ribs, and frequently appear during later rounds of The Holodome Onslaught.



Lost Legion Eternals fight with one of any type of laser weapon (eg: railgun or blaster) until they take damage proportionate to at least 15% of their maximum health. At this stage, they drop their laser, stand to attention in salute and their name changes to Ascending Eternal. This heralds a transformation where the Eternal ascends to a new state of being - gaining a new appearance, a new attack pattern and regaining full health.

Lost Legion Eternals are tough, fleshy opponents, comparable to badass enemies, but never carry shields. Slam attacks, critical hits on their heads, and the freeze effect from Cryo weapons are also their weaknesses, with Cryo being the most effective.

The ascended states of Lost Legion Eternals include:

Eternal Magus

The Eternal Magus immediately begins attacking upon ascension. They move around by flight but remain standing in place when on the ground. Magus's periodically unleash slow-moving orbs of energy whilst moving, and can also unleash a much faster orb of energy when stationary. When on foot, they continually lob fast-moving orbs of energy at their target. Eternal Magus energy orbs slags the players and have homing capabilities.

Eternal Frenzy

The Eternal Frenzy immediately begins charging into melee range upon ascension, unleashing a rapid flurry of attacks when in range. Frenzys move extremely quickly and will outrun Vault Hunters and occasionally pause their charging to throw a spike from the palm of their hand.

Eternal Instability

The Eternal Instability immediately begins bloating upon ascension and then explodes violently with a large blast radius.

Eternal Phasewalker

The Eternal Phasewalker immediately cloaks himself after ascension and only uncloaks when attacking. Phasewalkers rush into melee range and can outrun Vault Hunters in a straight line. They also occasionally unleash slow-moving orbs of shock energy when out of melee range. Eternal Phasewalkers are still visible as a ripple against the environment with glowing green eyes, and they can still be damaged. Phasewalkers are incapable of cloaking when severely damaged.

Eternal Tempest

The Eternal Tempest immediately takes flight upon ascension. Tempests are enclosed within a sphere of energy that deals shock damage to anything inside and occasionally descend to the ground to unleash a single bolt of lightning before rising again. Tempests do not have any attacks while in flight.

Eternal Gargantuan

The Eternal Gargantuan is a massive, highly-damaging combination of an Eternal Magus and an Eternal Frenzy - being both extremely fast and capable of lobbing energy orbs. Garganutans also have the ability to shoot powerful laser beams from their eyes.


  • Before ascending, Lost Legion Eternals will always drop a common quality laser weapon. The dropped laser is determined randomly and may not be the same type the one the Eternal was using. Due to a bug, killing a Frozen one might cause the weapon to not drop at all. In most cases, dealing enough damage to the eternal when it's frozen will cause the laser to drop for no reason at all.
  • Killing a Lost Legion Eternal contributes to the Get Some! challenge.
  • Cryo elemental effects can freeze an eternal before it transforms. With a bladed weapon or skills that boost melee damage, frozen eternals can be hit with melee attacks or explosive weapons and be quickly dispatched. This can be easily done with the Excalibastard, Fridgia, or the Freezeasy as their freeze effects are the most reliable.
    • Performing a slam can also interrupt their transformation, or dealing enough critical damage.
  • The Achievement Collateral Damage is completed by having a Lost Legion Eternal kill three fellow Lost Legion troops. This can only be done after the Eternal has ascended, and is easiest to achieve with either an Eternal Instability (due to their explosion), or an Eternal Magus (due to the large area of effect of their attacks that also damages fellow troops).
  • In True Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Lost Legion Eternal Chaotic, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, they are renamed Lost Legion Eternal Ultimate.

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