Lost Legion Engineers are enemies frequently encountered within groups of Lost Legion troops in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Lost Legion Engineers appear for the first time during the Home Sweet Home mission taking place at Hyperion Hub of Heroism, and in any location with large numbers of Lost Legion troops. They appear in The Holodome Onslaught DLC as well.


Lost Legion Engineers' primary role is to provide support to units they are with, deploying Shield Generators, Wormhole Generators, and Field Turrets. Despite their relatively low health and weak shields, Vault Hunters are well advised to dispatch them as expediently. The impenetrable bubble created by a Shield Generator provides a safe refuge for Lost Legion troops to recharge their shields and shoot at Vault Hunters with impunity. Lost Legion Engineers always deploy turrets so that they land behind the Vault Hunter.

If approached by an attacker, Lost Legion Engineers will attempt to retreat and fight from a safe distance, but failing that they will perform melee attacks. They often crouch to shoot if in the open, or retreat to hide behind whatever cover is nearby. They will occasionally roll out of the line of fire or toss a grenade or two.


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