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Lost Legion Elemental Marines are enemies encountered within groups of Lost Legion troops in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.


Lost Legion Elemental Marines appear for the first time during the Eye to Eye mission taking place at Lunar Launching Station, and later on at locations with large number of Lost Legion troops. They appear in The Holodome Onslaught DLC as well.


Lost Legion Elemental Marines wear heavy protective suits and are armed with elemental throwers. Their suits make them almost completely immune to the elemental damage they are inflicting. Throwers can be used either as standard throwers where at close range they eject elemental streams or from a distance as grenade launchers where grenades with elemental splash damage are launched at the enemy. There are three types of Elemental Marines:

  • Lost Legion Flame Marine
  • Lost Legion Ice Marine, and
  • Lost Legion Corrosive Marine

They hardly ever seek cover but charge in a straight line trying to close in on the enemy. Elemental jets from their throwers can obscure vision, disorient or slow down the enemy, as well as inflict DoT (Damage over Time) elemental damage. They are never equipped with grenades.