The Lost Legion (also called the Dahl Lost Legion) is a military unit formerly on the payroll of the Dahl corporation. Originally sent to Elpis under the command of Colonel Zarpedon to secure the moon for Dahl's miners, they were declared "abandoned" by Dahl following the catastrophic event known as the Crackening. Left on the surface of the moon and exposed to the purple fumes emanating from its interior, some members of this unit underwent a physical change, becoming Lost Legion Eternals.

Following the capture and interrogation of a Hyperion survey team, Colonel Zarpedon ordered a mission to secure the Hyperion lunar satellite Helios. After obtaining the keys to enter the station from The Meriff in Concordia (a former Hyperion employee), they successfully staged a massive invasion to claim it. They massacred many of the crew in the initial attack, and then focused the station's powerful giant laser onto the surface of Elpis below in order to destroy it. Vault Hunters hired by Jack bumps into them as they were attacking Helios, and for the rest of the story they are common enemies.

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