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Lorelei is an NPC encountered on Promethea in Borderlands 3.


Before Maliwan began their attack on Promethea, Lorelei was working at a coffee shop that was occasionally visited by Rhys, the CEO of the Atlas. Once the attack began, Lorelei quickly found themself caught up in the conflict and joined Atlas in trying to fight off both Maliwan forces and members of the Children of the Vault.

Eventually, they meet up with several Vault Hunters sent by Lilith and the Crimson Raiders. Working together, they are able to establish a foothold and drive off the Maliwan troops; securing Watershed Base, Lorelei contacts Rhys and convinces him the Vault Hunters can help stop Katagawa Jr. and Maliwan's attempts at destroying Atlas.



  • It is believed that Zer0 harbors a slight crush on Lorelei, due to his interactions upon meeting them for the first time.
  • According to several articles, they are nonbinary and seriously consider transitioning. They wanted to explore all that goes into the transition to become male but had to put that off because of the war.[1]
    • They like caffeine (and dislike those who don't get it for them), keeping people alive who are depending on them, and flirting. They also love their motorcycle.
    • They are in their twenties.
  • In some of the concept animations from the Director's Cut DLC, it is revealed that Lorelei's design was originally going to be for Lilith, but was repurposed for an entirely new character.

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