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Looters are an enemy faction encountered aboard the Handsome Jackpot and are introduced in Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot.


The Handsome Jackpot's promise of fortune and opulence would appeal to gamblers, upper-classmen and even just tourists who wished to witness the beauty of the casino itself. However, upon arriving, these people would've immediately been entrapped in an inescapable debt-scheme, leaving them trapped aboard the station until they could (never) pay off their debt. Following the death of Handsome Jack, the entire casino would enter a lockdown status, leaving people without sustenance and protection. Eventually chaos would ensue, as the entrapped patrons would band together into thieving and competing gangs, stockpiling any riches they find and fashioning armor out of the Loaders they destroyed. However, Pretty Boy would soon find control over a portion of these gangs while seeking to eradicate any looters who didn't bend their knee to him.


Throughout the Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, they will serve as a secondary antagonist throughout the campaign and, often, as main antagonists of side quests. They will constantly stand in the way of the Vault Hunter, either with their enemy seen encroaching on and passing through their territory or paid by Pretty Boy to stop them. Their infantry aren't all that different from the Children of the Vault, but, thanks to the Loader armor they pilfered, they will mainly bear armor rather than shields.



Looter Troops

Looter Leadership


Except for the basic Looter enemies, who will often comment about their debt and how they will pay it off by killing the Vault Hunter, most of the rest of the Looters reuse COV lines.

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