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Loot Wee WAR Loaders are Loot Midget variants of WAR Loaders in Borderlands 2. They appear very rarely by springing from lootable objects in some areas populated by Hyperion loaders.



A Loot Wee WAR Loader is a tough little loader with the incendiary cannons of a full-sized WAR Loader. They stalk around trying to get a line of sight on targets in order to unleash a barrage of gunfire. When in close proximity to Vault Hunters it will perform a devastating stomp attack which will force Vault Hunters away from it and do large amounts of damage to both shields and health. Unlike their larger cousins they do not have critical hit points at their shoulder joints, thereby ensuring that there is no way to reduce their combat effectiveness, but their slow speed and small stature puts them at a disadvantage in acquiring effective firing angles as their line of sight can be easily blocked by objects between themselves and their targets.

When destroyed, a Loot Wee WAR Loader will drop several piles of money, various kinds of ammunition and a number of items.