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Loot Wee JET Loaders are Loot Midget variants of JET Loaders in Borderlands 2. They appear very rarely by springing from lootable objects in some areas populated by Hyperion loaders.



A Loot Wee JET Loader is a tough little loader with the ability to transform between a walking loader form, and a miniature fighter jet.

When destroyed, a Loot Wee JET Loader will drop several piles of money, various kinds of ammunition and a number of items.

Due to the interiors where this kind of loader might spawn, the jet form is often impractical, and it's not unusual to see one clip through walls and get caught outside the playable area, buzzing around until it finds a way back in. If outside of the walls for long enough, the loader may lose aggro and be inaccessible to Vault Hunters. In the event this happens, some weapons such as the Norfleet and PBFG have a large splash damage radius that is able to go through walls, causing the loader to regain aggro if it is within the radius.