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Loot Tinks are midget enemies encountered in Borderlands 3. They are first encountered at The Droughts on Pandora.


Loot Tinks are non-combatants. They will run around the battlefield, collecting any and all loot they can get their hands on. If damaged enough, they will start digging a hole with the pickaxe they carry and disappear into the ground.

When the Loot Tink is killed, they spill out a large quantity of cash, weapons, and items, leaving their backpacks behind. These backpacks will disappear after a certain period of time. When the backpack is interacted with, large quantities of cash, Eridium bars, and other loot—including that of the Legendary rarity—can be had.



Loot Tinks are tougher than the average Tink, though not as tough as a Badass Tink. When sighted, a Vault Hunter should prioritize the most dangerous enemies first before targeting the Loot Tink. Once the Loot Tink is fired upon, the Vault Hunter should seek to do as much damage as possible to the Tink before they panic and begin to burrow to stand the best chance of killing the Loot Tink and gathering its loot.

Vault Hunters should be careful to not kill the Loot Tink too close to a wall, as the backpack has a chance to get stuck within the level's geometry, forever becoming inaccessible. They should also watch to see where the backpack lands, as Loot Tink backpacks are not highlighted and are small, making them difficult to find on the ground.


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